Virtual Financial Control

Virtual Finance and Control

There will be many occasions when newly formed organisations and start-ups wished they had an in-house CFO - someone who can look after the complex tax rules, the compliance calendar, and offer the right sort of financial advice. Often, just knowing technology and the markets does not help. Organisations, to succeed, must so follow rules, optimise taxes across borders, and take appropriate financial decisions.

We offer CFO services for start-ups, organisations who need not have a full time CFO or those who cannot employ a full-time CFO due to high cost of such a resource. Our CFO’s are experienced to guide, assist and manage organisations on the financial side of operations. If required, we could also arrange for an accounting team to work alongside.

Very aptly named ‘VirtualFinance&Control®’, our service comes with a ready bank of practical knowledge, years of combined management experience, and a trained, dedicated team if required to tackle your most complex financial obstacles, thereby, freeing you up to focus on what you really intended to do in the first place – your business, your venture.

However small an organisation,‘VirtualFinance&Control®’ has something useful for all. We could, if circumstances demand, work side-by-side in your premises or function remotely, providing instant telephonic support or keep in touch through other means.

We address six critical areas:
  •   Cash flow and Budgeting
  •   Statutory compliances
  •   Accounting and internal controls
  •   Banking, funding and growth
  •   Financial reporting
  •   Mentoring and guidance

In short, don’t take your eyes off your core business when something important gets in the way. VirtualFinance&Control® can assist you.

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