Value Proposition

Within our organization, we have experienced professionals with a focus on specific service areas. Each of our senior professionals has an area of specialization, yet we work as a team to ensure that we bring our collective experiences together, finding better solutions to clients' issues and circumstances. Our clients are therefore assured of a multifunctional team attending to their business requirements thereby allowing them to focus on their core area of business.

August Consulting views itself as partners with its clients with the common goal of helping each client achieve their objectives

Why August Consulting?
  •   Integrated package of services
  •   Ensure continuity and stability of the important back office functioning
  •   Lower operational costs
  •   Flexible services to suit client requirements
  •   Experienced and qualified team
  •   Partnering Approach
  •   Efficient and timely service
The way we work
  •   For our Clients: We meet your expectations
  •   Regarding our Style: Our approach is to be transparent and sincere in our dealings
  •   We are continuously improving our systems and knowledge base