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August Consulting India is a member of IR Global. Via the network, we are able to provide our clients with the highest quality advise and support around the world . Each member of the group passes a stringent vetting procedure upon joining ensuring only the finest firms are accepted.​ Arvind Rao has been a member ​of IR Global now for several years and is an active and well respected member of the group.

IR Global: A Different Perspective

IR Global is the fastest growing professional service firm network in the world; Providing legal, accountancy and financial advice to companies and individuals across 150 jurisdictions.

The group's founding philosophy was based on bringing the best of the advisory community into a sharing economy; a system which is ethical, sustainable and provides significant added value to the client.

Businesses today require more than just a lawyer or accountant. IR Global is at the forefront of this transition with members connecting clients and offering strategic development support.

We believe the archaic ‘professional service firm' model is dying due to it being insular, expensive and slow. In IR Global, forward thinking clients now have credible alternative which is open, cost effective and flexible.​ IR Global is committed to working with like-minded member firms, clients and strategic partners to make a positive difference in business and society.

Brochure For IR Accountancy Group

IR Global is an internationally recognised, multi-disciplinary professional services network that provides assistance and advice to individuals and countries all over the world in over 155+ jurisdictions.

The International Accountancy group has representatives in over 60 jurisdictions around the world. IR Global combines forces and in-depth Accountancy expertise from IR Global experts around the world. They are subsequently able to offer the highest quality services without the huge overheads and pyramid-like structures of the large multinational professional services firms.

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The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence in Accountancy

Artificial Intelligence has been omnipresent since its introduction, in almost every form of business. And pretty sure, it has instigated us enough to bring it to the world of Accountancy. Introduction of Artificial Intelligence in Accountancy has had its pros and cons, with some companies not even aware of the technology at hand.

The recent report by IR Global on Artificial Intelligence and Accounting discusses the key benefits of AI, the challenges faced, and how it will possibly alter the business practices in the coming future.

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