Budgeting and Forecasting

The Budgeting Process

In organisations, budgeting and its subsequent follow-up are very crucial. Giving the management a pulse on the day-to-day activities, this process, if implemented well, streamlines the organisation towards attaining its objectives.

We can team up with your organisation to create a pro-active platform that promotes effective decision-making by engaging other stakeholders in the organization with accurate, and relevant information and analysis.

Outsourcing the Budgeting Process instantly alleviates the pain of day-to-day operational problems and challenges in your finance department. We can assist you in developing a sound Business Plan, Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting.


Build a wide-ranging view of your company's financial data to make better, more informed decisions. Perform budgeting, variance analyses, and much more. Manage every variable in the budgeting process, with the flexibility to evaluate and understand the full effects of changes and alternatives.


Plan your personnel expenses for salaries, benefits, bonuses, and annual increases in a simple and precise fashion. Generate correct and consolidated information reflecting your organisational activities and help you in accurate data analysis, and creation of multiple planning scenarios for analysis and forecasting.


We help you make decisions based on information derived from multiple users. Create various periodic plans or rolling forecasts, and make them accessible for assessment and analysis by others. We work with excellent software to bring these benefits to your organisation, year-after-year, giving you ample time and opportunities for other critical activities.


We provide standard formatted financial statements, and tailored, company-specific management and ad hoc reports for continuous review and analysis. Our software supports all financial reporting standards including GAAP, FASB, IAS, IFRS, and XBRL. Report distribution functionality allows reports to be distributed to the appropriate stakeholders, either on the fly or on a scheduled basis via e-mail.